Zero Waste Scotland Query

Zero Waste Scotland is today promoting its range of advice and support in connection with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012. See here for their web page entitled Waste (Scotland) Regulations.

Please note, these Regulations do not stand on their own, they insert text into s.34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (into Duty of Care). The relevant clauses are found in our Cardinal Environment consolidated Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part II document issued for Scotland, and should be read there (in conjunction with changes made by other pieces of law).

The key points are:

(1) separate collection of dry recyclables from 1 January 2014 (dry recyclables are defined to comprise glass, metals, plastics, paper or card, including cardboard). Refer to our consolidated law for the details.

(2) separate collection of food waste – again refer to our consolidated law for the details.

Find here the 2012 issued “Duty of Care – A Code of Practice” document – remember these changes affect Duty of Care (s. 34 EPA).

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