UK Renewable Energy Roadmap

The 2013 update is published to the UK Renewable Energy Roadmap.

Per this document – “Since the publication of the last Update in 2012, the UK has made very good progress towards our challenging 2020 renewables target, to deliver 15% of our energy demand from renewable sources. We are fully committed to achieving this target and have seen a significant amount of deployment to date, particularly in the renewable electricity sector. This was demonstrated in 2012 when more than 4% of the UK’s energy came from renewable sources – above our interim target. We will continue to monitor our progress towards the target, ensuring that we have measures in place to reach our goal.”

In Quarter 2 of 2013, renewables accounted for a record 15.5% of all electricity generated. Overall capacity has grown by 38% over the period July 2012 to June 2013 and now stands at 19.5 GW.

Per the 2013 Update – “We recognise that some individuals and communities are concerned about the siting of particular renewable energy projects. An important part of this Update concerns our plans for community energy and the work we are doing to strengthen engagement, enhance local benefits, and promote community ownership. We are clear that if renewable energy is to be truly successful it must be truly sustainable, not only economically and environmentally, but also socially. We want to see more and more communities actively involved in small scale renewable projects. It is important that local communities are properly engaged with, and see real benefits from renewable energy developments. The support mechanism and the public register of community benefits in Scotland, which includes over 3 GW of schemes, shows what is possible. We are working towards providing a framework that removes barriers and encourages participation on a wider scale.”

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