EU Law Updating to EU Classification and Labelling (CLP)

Brussels, December 4, 2013. The Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER I) approved by the Lithuanian EU Council Presidency, the European Parliament and the Commission informally agreed text on updating references and terminology of five EU Directives to bring them into line with the applicable EU chemical classification and labelling legislation.

The new Directive (derived from COM (2013) 102) will necessitate changes in National Law.

See here for the PreLex status of COM (2013) 102, and access to the relevant documents. We expect this document to become EU Law shortly.

The EU Directives involved are as follows:

(A) Council Directive 92/58/EEC on minimum requirements for the provision of safety and/or health signs at work;
(B) Council Directive 92/85/EEC on measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health at work of pregnant workers and workers who have recently given birth or are breastfeeding;
(C) Council Directive 94/33/EC on protection of young people at work;
(D) Council Directive 98/24/EC on protection of the health and safety of workers from the risks related to chemical agents at work;
(E) Council Directive 2004/37/EC on protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work.

Each contains references to the previous classification and labelling system, and following updating to EU CLP, the national law will change, and risk assessment and chemical labelling and signage should be redone in workplaces.

Subscribers to Cardinal’s paid-for ISO/OHSAS Legal Registers will see the changes consolidated into the EU and National Law supplied. We will also Email Alert at the time.

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