Falsification of Report of Thorough Examination of Lifting Equipment (Fine)

A Thorough Report of Examination of Lifting Equipment is a written report of systematic and detailed examination of equipment and safety-critical parts, carried out at specified intervals by a competent person. A Thorough Report of Examination must contain the information required by LOLER Schedule 1, including:
– the examination date,
– the date when the next thorough examination is due,
– any defects found which are (or could potentially become) a danger to people.

Where serious defects are identified, the competent person carrying out the examination must immediately report this verbally to the dutyholder. This should then be followed by the written report, a copy of which must also be sent to the relevant enforcing authority.

Here is the link to INDG422, the HSE guidance on Thorough Examination of Lifting Equipment.

In December 2013, a businessman, who supplies workplace vehicles and lifting equipment, was fined for falsifying a safety document for a forklift truck. Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court was told that the supplier intentionally made a false entry on the Report of Thorough Examination – he had put the name of a genuine forklift truck supplier at the top of the report and forged a genuine examiner’s signature at the bottom.

The HSE press release is here.

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