Reminder – Health and Safety Poster Expiry (UK)

The 1999 poster or leaflet must be replaced with the 2009 poster or leaflet no later than 5 April 2014.

This is the new poster.

5th April 2014 is the final date of the 5 year transition period. Employers were still complying with the law if they displayed the 1999 poster after 6 April 2009. However, where employers have kept the old poster, there is a continuing duty, in the period up to April 2014, to keep the required additional written information up to date.

The additional information that employers have to provide in writing, either by inserting this in the appropriate boxes on the 1999 poster or by giving it to workers with the 1999 leaflet, is:

– the name and address of the enforcing authority; and
– the address of the office of HSE’s Employment Medical Advisory Service (EMAS) for the premises concerned.

Subscribers to our paid-for Cardinal Email Alerts will be issued with an Email Alert nearer the time.

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