Climate Bill Consultation (Denmark)

The Danish government (the Social Democrats and the Social Liberals), the Socialist People’s Party, Red Green Alliance and the Conservative People’s Party agreed 6th February to establish an overall strategic framework for national climate policy in order to convert to a low-carbon society by 2050.

To deliver this, the Parties agreed to adopt a new climate bill with the following content:
A. Establishment of an independent Climate Council drawing on highly qualified academics by 1st January 2015
B. Annual Climate Policy Report
C. Process for establishing national climate goals
D. Financing of the climate change law and the Climate Council
E. Establishment of an independent, academically based Climate Council

The parties also agreed that they stand behind the government’s target of a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020.

Lovforslaget er en udmøntning af de politiske aftaler af 6. februar 2014 om det nationale klimamål i 2020 og 6. februar 2014 om Danmarks Klimalov, Klimaråd og nationale klimamålsætninger, jf. vedlagte høringsudgave af forslag til klimalov.

Public consultation is underway – here.

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