Land Reform (Scotland)

Published May 2014 – Land Reform Review Group Final Report – The Land of Scotland and the Common Good

This is the final report of the independent Land Reform Review Group set up by the Scottish Government in 2012.

The Review Group’s remit is to examine the role of Scotland’s system of land ownership in the relationship between the people and land of Scotland, and make proposals for land reform measures that would:-

“* Enable more people in rural and urban Scotland to have a stake in the ownership, governance, management and use of land, which will lead to a greater diversity of land ownership, and ownership types, in Scotland

* Assist with the acquisition and management of land (and also land assets) by communities, to make stronger, more resilient, and independent communities which have an even greater stake in their development

* Generate, support, promote, and deliver new relationships between land, people, economy and environment in Scotland”

The Report has nine Parts. In the first, the Group sets the context for the rest of the Report by clarifying the scope of the Group’s review and defining its use of terms including, for example, what is meant in the Report by ‘the public interest’. The Report then has seven main Parts, 2-8, dealing with the main land reform issues considered by the Group. In Part 9, the conclusions from those Parts are discussed in terms of the three broad objectives in the Group’s remit, and there is a summary list of the Group’s Conclusions and Recommendations from each Part of the Report.

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