New CITB Competence in Construction Research Report

The Competence in Construction Research Report was commissioned by the UK Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), with the support of Britain’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The report highlights the need for:
* agreement on an industry-wide competence framework to bring much-needed clarity
* a wider understanding of competence at all levels
* further work to define a more-effective means of presenting evidence of competence

The report, which builds on the influential 2011 publication Routes to Competence, finds that the construction industry has made significant progress in health and safety over the past 14 years. It concludes that:

* it is now time to expand understanding of competence in all aspects of construction work – job role, health and safety, human factors, and managerial and organisational capability
* training on its own is not sufficient to be confident of competence – It must be supported by verification and refreshed at appropriate intervals.
* the competence of even the most highly-expert individual can be undermined if elements of managerial or organisational competence are lacking.

Further information, including the report itself is found here.

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