Cardinal Environment Email Alerts

Subscribers to Cardinal Environment Tailored EHS Legislation Registers receive Email Alerts when legislation changes. 

These Email Alerts are sent out when the legislation changes and NOT before. The reason for this is because often legislation has precise dates, and obligations differ either side of a given date. 

We do NOT send out Email Alerts unless the legislation changes, even if there is prior notice from eg a regulator that they wish a change or foresee a change or advise of a change. 

If you are contacted or otherwise are asked about a law change and you wonder if an Email Alert will be sent or notice that an Email Alert has not been already sent – it’s because the legislation has not been published to effect the change. Sometimes even, legislation is published after its in force date (or date when a relevant obligation changed). 

Cardinal Environment Email Alerts also are only sent if the legislation is loaded onto your websystem.

If you have any questions at all about how the Cardinal Environment Email Alert service operates, or want to ask specific questions about particular Alerts or anything else, please contact me on

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