UK Brexit Update (Cardinal Environment)

Today the UK Prime Minister confirms the key points of approach ahead of commencing the administrative mechanisms of UK exit from the EU.

In common with others, we see three work streams in the UK exit from the EU :

(1) Administrative Brexit

(2) Legal Brexit

(3) Trade Brexit

We will continue to advise, by Email direct, and in this Blog, on all 3 Brexits. 

Administrative Brexit

The UK PM speech today confirms a March 2017 start to this.

Legal Brexit

The acquis of the EU will be separated from UK law. This is a substantive task. Since gaps are inevitable, we will begin our own project of separation for those EHS, product, and equipment laws we provide and we advise on.

Trade Brexit

New and changes to existing conformity assessment procedures, regulatory bodies, product packaging, labelling, classification, will impinge on EHS, product, and equipment law. Accordingly, these will be included in the Cardinal Environment Law Project (identified under Legal Brexit). 

Cardinal Environment Offices

To help with work planning, and delivery, a second office will be opened in Canary Wharf. This will handle International (including European) contracts.

Watford : UK and ROI (Republic of Ireland)

Canary Wharf : International (including European)

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