Ireland No Deal Contingency Action Plan (Ireland Brexit)

UPDATE (15 Jan 2019) : Confirmed by the Irish Government – the omnibus Brexit Preparedness Bill (to become the Miscellaneous Provisions (Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 29 March 2019) Act 2019) won’t be published until late February, and is expected to make it to the floor of Dáil and Seanad only in March.

The Cabinet this morning discussed four memos relating to no-deal planning: on Common Travel Area, transport, medicinal supply, legislation required. Planning permission is not required for airports etc, and Minister for Finance has power to direct the OPW in areas where required.

The Dáil is supposed to be in recess for SPD from Mar 13th to 26th, which may not in fact happen.

UPDATE (14 Jan 2019) : Leo Varadkar confirms that Ireland is bringing forward *ONE SINGLE* omnibus Brexit preparedness bill, to deal with *TWENTY ONE* areas in which primary legislation is needed to respond to the effects of a no-deal Brexit.

Ireland has now published its Brexit no deal contingency action plan. This document is here. It has as an Annex, the EU implementation document for its no deal contingency action plan published today, the Q&A, and the EU action plan published in November (I posted about these earlier).

The Ireland plan identifies substantive new legislation will be introduced in January 2019. A government meeting is scheduled for 3rd January 2019.

I will create an Ireland Brexit Law List and add this to the Cardinal Environment EHS Legislation Registers & Checklists.

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