Ireland Brexit Notices (Ireland Brexit)

Exit day is 12th April

Ireland updates its instructions –

(1) Trading with the UK – here,

(2) Transport and Logistics – here,

(2) Daily Life – here.

Trading with the UK

* Ireland is operating Simplified Customs Procedures (the UK is too, note, they might not be the same) – here

[this Blog does not focus on Customs, Tariffs, or VAT]

* Ireland is operating Deferred Payment Schemes (the UK is too, note, they might not be the same) – here

* Due to a recent Irish Government decision, there is now an option to postpone the payment of VAT and this will be available to VAT-registered businesses.

* Re exporting goods to the UK, these may become subject to customs formalities on importation in the UK – the instruction is to contact the UK’s Revenue and Customs authority, HMRC, for further detail.

* EORI numbers are required to trade with the UK after Exit day. So far only half the traders that need an EORI number have applied for it. EORI numbers are obtained using the Irish Revenue’s online services section.

* Contract the UK’s HMRC to customs clear and import goods in your own name into the UK, or trade online into the UK – the UK will operate new customs obligations and formalities after Exit day.

*** UK access to TRACES after Exit day is not yet confirmed [the Irish instructions refer traders to check the UK trader registrations on TRACES]

*** the instructions refer on to separate government department online pages for product specific information.

As I read the instructions, I note that many areas are being worked on and are as yet not defined.

[Exit day may change, please keep following this Blog]

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