Construction Products Regulation (UK Brexit)

Exit day is 31st October.

HMG has today published its updated instructions for Construction Products Regulation.


Note : (this is not a full list)

(1) All existing European harmonised standards will become UK ‘designated standards’. This will mean that immediately following the UK’s exit from the EU, the European harmonised standards and UK designated standards will be identical. The government will publish and maintain the list of UK designated standards. This will be a UK-wide approach with the standards applying at UK level.

(2) Goods legitimately affixed with CE marking already on the UK market before the UK leaves the EU will be able to continue to circulate in the UK.

Additionally, goods which are made and assessed against EU harmonised standards and legitimately carry the CE marking can continue to be placed on the UK market. It is intended that these arrangements will be for a time-limited period, but the Brexit Law itself does not limit the duration of this provision. Products being placed on the UK market in this way must be compliant with the obligations of the EU’s Construction Products Regulation.

(3) Manufacturers will not need to use the new UK mark if they have complied with the EU requirements and affixed CE marking, having had any required third-party conformity assessment activity undertaken by an EU recognised notified body. As set out above, it is intended that these arrangements will be for a time time-limited period.

Please read the full instructions.

The Construction Brexit Law instrument referred to above is included in the Brexit Law, Cardinal is currently consolidating into base text, and supplying to subscribers to Cardinal Environment EHS Legislation Registers & Checklists.

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