Slew of Brexit Announcements (UK Brexit)

Exit day is 31st October (reminder, this is the date in the relevant Statutory Instrument)

In the past days, HMG (and their agencies) have announced a series of Instructions updates – please examine closely as the changes are not flagged.

(1) importing animals, animal feed etc – here.

(2) GMOs – here.

(3) import of animals, animal feed etc (further) – here.

(4) exporting animals and animal products – here.

(5) exporting active substances (medicines and healthcare) – here.

(6) ECMT international road haulage permits – here.

(7) food labelling changes – here.

(8) packaging and WEEE waste export (aspects) – here.

Plus, HMG now has a Get Ready site – here.

CAUTION with the Get Ready site – it has gaps and simplifications (amounting to errors) – please use more detailed information, and any doubts CHECK with the relevant Ministry or Agency.

Get Ready advertising will commence next week, I understand.

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