Foreign Students (UK Brexit)

Exit day is 31st October (this date is in a Statutory Instrument)

Today, 11th September, HMG announced foreign students would be offered a Graduate Route of 2-year stay for work after study.


This will be a 2-year post-study work visa, open to all graduates.

Students will need to have successfully completed a degree from a trusted UK university or higher education provider which has a proven track record in upholding immigration checks and other rules on studying in the UK.

This will sit alongside the 3-year Euro TLR announced for EU nationals arriving after Exit day. (See recent post)

And the Ireland-UK Common Travel Area (CTA).

UPDATE : A second announcement on the 2-year post-study work visas is here.

Other sector announcements were the creation of a new fast-track visa route for scientists and the removal of the limit on PHD students moving into the skilled work visa route.

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