New Import Tariff (UK Brexit)

The Transition Period ends 31st December 2020

The UK is today consulting on its new Import Tariff that will apply to all imports, except those under a trade deal, from 1st January 2021.

This Blog does not focus on tariffs.

Note: special arrangements will apply to Northern Ireland.

The consultation document is here. Consultation is short and ends on 5th March.

The consultation seeks :

* views on a potential series of amendments to the EU’s Common External Tariff to create a bespoke UK tariff- specifically: simplifying and tailoring the UK Global Tariff policy, removing tariffs on goods imported by UK businesses to manufacture other goods, and where the UK has zero or limited domestic production

[so, not a temporary zero tariff on most goods]

* specific feedback on specific products or commodity codes of importance to individuals (individual organisations), including on the corresponding tariff rate

* information on an individual’s (individual organisation’s) interactions with MFN tariffs and the importance of tariffs to a particular sector

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