COVID-19 Workplace Social Distancing (Scotland)

The Scottish Government has issued guidance for businesses and on the matter of social distancing – here.

Note the emphasis on essential services – Scotland’s government advises that all business premises, sites and attractions not required by law to close should close now unless:

• essential to the health and welfare of the country during this crisis (as defined in relation to Scotland’s Critical National Infrastructure set out in the Link), or

• supporting (or being repurposed to support) essential services, or

• wider public health, health and safety or other considerations apply and require a facility or service to continue to operate or a specific period of time for a safe shutdown process to be completed, and

• apart from in exceptional circumstances critical to lives and safety, capable of working in a way which is fully consistent with established social distancing advice.

This information is part of a set of COVID-19 guidance issued by the Scottish Government – here.

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