EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (EU & UK)

The EU has begun publishing documents – here. (scroll down)

A couple of items from the EU overview –

(1) Common definition of international standards and possibility to self-declare conformity of low-risk products make it easier for producers to cater to both markets.

(2) Specific facilitation arrangements for wine, organics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

(3) Service suppliers or investors from the EU are treated no less favourably than UK operators in the UK, and vice-versa.

(4) Facilitations for short-term business trips and temporary secondments of highly-skilled employees.

(5) Offshore energy cooperation in the North Sea.

(6) Enforceable commitments towards the Paris Climate Agreement and non-regression on climate change and carbon pricing, with possibility of linking EU and UK carbon pricing regimes.

(7) Unlimited point-to-point access for hauliers carrying loads between the EU and the UK + full transit rights across each other’s territories.

(8) Provisions on working conditions, road safety and fair competition, on top of horizontal level playing eld clauses on environment, social issues and competition.

(9) UK participates in 5 EU programmes open to third-country participation (subject to its nancial contribution), namely:

• Horizon Europe (research and innovation)

• Euratom Research and Training programme

• ITER (fusion test facility)

• Copernicus (Earth monitoring system)

• Access to EU satellite surveillance & tracking (SST) services

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