Access to EU Law REMINDER (Britain)

I am reminding you – Cardinal Environment Limited EHS Legislation Registers & Checklists applicable in Britain, and the variants of Britain (England, Wales and Scotland), still have access to EU Law.

Up to date EU Law (as applies in France and Ireland) is found on the top left hand side as a look up List. In both OHS and ENV.

As Retained EU Law is removed from the statute book in Britain, manufacturers and distributors will be operating the two systems – the British system and the EU system. So we will keep Access to EU Law on going on British Registers & Checklists.

Any questions, and you are a current subscriber to Cardinal Environment EHS Legislation Registers and Checklists, please email them to me.

Obviously, subscribers to Registers and Checklists in Ireland, France and other EU and EEA (for example Norway) have EU Law inserted into the Registers and Checklists as standard, and not simply a look up list.

I will continue to post about changes and developments to EU Law on this Blog. So followers of Blog will have this heads-up.

EU Law developments will not appear in British Email Alerts, however. They will appear in Email Alerts for Ireland, France etc.

If anything is unclear, and you are a subscriber to our Registers & Checklists, email me. Replies to this Blog itself will not be addressed, and most likely won’t be published.

EU Law Revocation (Britain) UPDATE

The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill (I posted about recently) is in Committee stage, and the Public Bill Committee (the relevant Committee) yesterday has asked for submissions to it – here.

You can see from the link, the purpose of the Bill is to sunset (remove from the statute book) certain types of law by end 2023. In particular, the Bill will completely overhaul a body of UK domestic law known as “retained EU law” (REUL). This is a category of law that came into being as a result of the UK exit from the EU. It includes both Retained EU instruments, and certain domestic laws that gain their authority in a particular way.

Note: when the Committee concludes its consideration of the Bill it is no longer able to receive written evidence and it can conclude earlier than the expected deadline of 5.00pm on Tuesday 22 November.

As I have written in the last Email Alert to clients, we will commence listing the laws to be affected shortly, and this list will display on Cardinal Environment Limited EHS Legislation Registers and Checklists from Jan 2023 (earlier drafts will display earlier) and be subject to tracking through 2023.

A very considerable number of laws will be affected.

We expect most affected laws to be replaced with new laws, covering the same obligations. The tracking evident on Legislation Registers and Checklists will identify progress.

We do not expect that obligations will be removed altogether. If a law is removed without a replacement, we expect the obligations to be inserted by amendment into other pre-existing law, and the tracking will identify this.

Nonetheless, this is a complex process.