New Contingency Planning Law (France Brexit Preparedness)

The draft law (which is not enacted, but could be enacted rapidly) is here. It’s subject is “reestablishment of checks of goods and passengers” & “restoration of veterinary, sanitary, phytosanitary, safety controls & customs formalities”.

1. UK citizens in France… in no deal

“In principle… this means requirement to present a visa” and requirement of residence document “without which British residents and their families would be staying illegally”.

The document also says France is watching the situation regarding the French in UK. Further information is here.

2. No Deal would involve “the reinstatement of veterinary and phytosanitary controls at the borders of the EU for live animals, plants and animal and plant products from the UK, or from other third countries transiting the UK…at dedicated installations, border inspection posts”.

3. “Community licenses” for haulage “would have no effect” after a No Deal Brexit leaving hauliers “unable to use them” and Cabotage “also prohibited”. [I reported this before under the EU Brexit Preparedness, I also reported the UK Technical Notice issued on this matter]

4. Preparations for “works for the construction of or emergency installation of premises, installations, or infrastructures, of ports, railways & airports, required by the establishment of checks of goods and passengers to and from the UK”.

5. Restoration of checks “will have to be put in place on the day of withdrawal in the case of exit without agreement”.

6. At present facilities for animal checks are not big enough for all required from UK at Dunkirk and Le Havre, Saint Malo and Brest, the document implies some will be required at Roscoff, Cherbourg, Caen, Calais and the Channel Tunnel “do not have border posts to date”.

[my thanks to Faisal Islam, Sky News Political Editor, for these numbered points to which I have added the ConnexionFrance link (point 1), and some other detail]