Withdrawal Agreement Bill (UK Brexit)

Exit day is 31st October – Thursday week (this date is in a Statutory Instrument)

Yesterday the government published the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill – here.

There are additional documents also published, including Explanatory Notes – here.

The Bill (known as the WAB) is 115 pages, with 40 clauses and 6 schedules. It’s purpose is to give effect in domestic law to the Withdrawal Agreement that was agreed between the EU and the UK on 17th October, and to ratify that Withdrawal Agreement.

– The Bill amends the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (a core existing Brexit Law) to ensure it reflects the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement. Re Brexit Law, the Bill saves the Brexit Law for the end of the transition period (in the Bill this is the IP (Implementation Period) completion day).

– The Bill creates powers to make secondary legislation (Statutory Instruments), where appropriate, to enable the Withdrawal Agreement to be implemented domestically.

– The Bill includes amendments to the Northern Ireland Act 1998 in relation to rights, safeguards and equality of opportunity protections contained in the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement 1998.

– The Bill includes provision relating to facilitating access for Northern Ireland goods to the market in Great Britain, as well as further provision to ensure no alteration to the arrangements for North South cooperation can occur as a result of this Bill.

The Withdrawal Agreement sets out the exit terms, covering the transition period, the monies to be paid to the EU, citizen rights, the Ireland-Northern Ireland specific arrangements, and other matters.

The Bill gives effect to these exit terms.

The timetabling of UK Parliament debate on this Bill will be voted on today.

The government has already signaled that all of this week will be taken up with this Bill, leaving the further debate on the Queen’s Speech and the Environment Bill Second Reading for later dates (unspecified).

Please look out for further Blog posts on this matter.

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-2019 (UK)

The Second Reading of this first Brexit Bill has begun in the House of Commons (as I write this, the Sec of State DExEU is on his feet introducing the Second Reading). The Bill is here.

I posted before when this was introduced at First Reading. In the intervening time, the House of Commons Library has published a useful detailed account of the Bill. This useful account is here.  UPDATE : this briefing document is not found 

Substantive changes can be expected to the current UK statute database, as a result of the implementation of this Bill. As we go forward, my intention is to corral the Brexit law in a separate place on everyone’s Registers System. Please make sure you follow this Blog, as I post how the Brexit law will affect the current UK statute database as made available in your Registers. 

This is an exhaustive and immense process, and there may be delays. Please keep following this Blog for updates.

Email Alerts will be issued when changes occur to the current law in your Registers. This Blog will advise on the Brexit law that I will make available in the separate linked place I spoke about (this will be at the top right on OHS, and ENV Registers index pages). Those who have Law Checklists : the Brexit law link will appear just below the links to the Law Checklists.

Please address any questions by email to me.