UK exits the EU (more Brexit Notices)

Over the past six months or so, the European Commission (sometimes in conjunction with other European bodies) has issued Brexit Notices to Operators. I have posted in this Blog about them, as they have been issued.

In November and December 2017, separate parts of the European Commission issued Brexit Notices at the same time, and there were more of these Brexit Notices.

(1) Notices issued in relation to Transport (I posted recently about the Road Haulage Notice) – this link covers Aviation, Road Haulage and Seafarers – here.

(2) Notices issued in relation to Data Protection, Justice and Company Law – here.

(3) Notices issued in relation to Food and Biotechnology (I already posted about Plant Protection Products, Pesticides, and Biocides) – GMOs, and mineral water.

(4) Notice issued on the European Trade Mark – here.

(5) Notice issued on Medicines – here.

I will update this post, as more Notices are drawn to my attention. Please note to check this post on the Blog itself. Post updates do not result in new emails to your inbox.