EU 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy Policies

23 October 2014: EU leaders agreed the domestic 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target of at least 40% compared to 1990 – together with the other main building blocks of the 2030 policy framework for climate and energy – as proposed by the European Commission in January 2014.

This 2030 policy framework also sets a target of at least 27% for renewable energy and energy savings by 2030.

Current targets are known as the “20-20-20” targets.

Three key objectives for 2020:
* a 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels;
* raising the share of EU energy consumption produced from renewable resources to 20%;
* a 20% improvement in the EU’s energy efficiency.

These targets are enacted through the climate and energy package (a set of EU laws) in 2009.

The EU is also offering to increase its emissions reduction to 30% by 2020 if other major economies in the developed and developing worlds commit to undertake their fair share of a global emissions reduction effort. The European Commission has published a Communication analysing the options for moving beyond a 20% reduction by 2020 and assessing the risk of “carbon leakage“.

Further information on the EU 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy is found here.