COVID-19 Factory & Transport Guidance (UK)

Manufacturing, factories and transport operations are not listed as restricted operations and are expected to stay open, with the workplace adjusted to ensure social distancing, and symptomatic workers sent home to recover. Some operations will also be able to be carried out via home working.

Transport workers are classed as essential workers with respect to their children attending school.

Guidance (rules) issued so far –

(1) food businesses – here

(2) Northern Ireland food and drink industry guidance – here

(3) transport – here

(4) freight transport – here

(5) marine settings of shipping and ports – here

Guidance (rules) for all employers, employees and businesses is here.

Guidance (rules) on cleaning is here.

The Health and Safety Executive also has guidance (rules) – here. (I blog posted about this yesterday)

Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland guidance (rules) – here

Agriculture and Plant Products (Ireland Brexit)

If you import or export:

◦ live animals (such as cattle, sheep or horses),

◦ animal products (such as meat, dairy products or fishery products);

◦ plants (such as trees, flowers or vegetables) or

◦ certain plant products (such as fruit, foliage or timber)

from or to the UK, you will encounter new regulatory requirements and customs procedures along your supply chains after 29 March 2019.

The Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has issued instructions – here.