Shipping MRV Regulation (EU)

The Shipping MRV Regulation is a new European Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport. It applies to shipping activities carried out from 1st January 2018. 

From that date, companies must monitor and report the verified amount of carbon dioxide emitted by their large ships (above 5,000 gross tons) on voyages to, from and between ports in European Union countries. Companies must also provide certain other aggregated annual information, such as data to determine the ships’ energy efficiency. A valid document of compliance issued by an independent verifier has to be carried on board, relating to the shipping activities falling under the MRV Regulation in the previous year.

The European Regulation is found here.

New Maritime Labour Convention 2006, Database (ILO)

New Database of national implementation (and other items) is launched by ILO connected with the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, which came into force 20 August 2013.

Here is the ILO launch information location.

The Maritime Labour Convention sets out working and living conditions for seafarers. To date, 46 ILO Member States representing more than 76 percent of the world’s gross global tonnage of shipping, have ratified the Convention.

HELCOM Copenhagen Ministerial Declaration

Here are the documents for adoption at the October 2013 meeting.

HELCOM is the Helsinki Commission, the governing body of the Helsinki Convention (the international law agreed between the countries bordering the Baltic Sea for the protection of that marine environment from pollution).

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