Planning (Wales) Bill (UK – Wales)

The Bill addresses 5 key objectives:

* a modernised framework for the delivery of planning services – the Bill will allow planning applications to be made directly to Welsh Ministers in limited circumstances
* strengthening the plan led approach – the Bill will introduce a legal basis for the preparation of a National Development Framework and Strategic Development Plans
* improved resilience – the Bill will allow the Welsh Ministers to direct local planning authorities to work together and for local planning authorities to be merged
* frontloading and improving the development management system – the Bill will introduce a statutory pre application procedure for defined categories of planning application
* enabling effective enforcement and appeals – the Bill will make changes to enforcement procedures to secure prompt, meaningful action against breaches of planning control and increase the transparency and efficiency of the appeal system.

The Bill is set out in 8 Parts and 7 Schedules. Building on and amending existing primary legislation, the principal provisions are contained in the following sections:

Development Planning
Applications for Welsh Ministers
Development Management
Enforcement and Appeals
Town and Village Greens

Progress on the Planning (Wales) Bill, the Bill itself, and supporting documents, are found here.