Pyrite Resolution Board (Ireland)

The Pyrite Resolution Board is appointed by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government to establish a scheme for the Remediation of significant damage to dwellings caused by pyritic heave and to oversee and ensure the effective implementation of a programme of remediation works for affected dwellings.

The relevant legislation is the Pyrite Resolution Act 2013, published 7 January 2014.

The draft scheme is being finalised in accordance with the legislation and is subject to the approval of the Minister.

Here is the link to the Pyrite Resolution Board Frequently Asked Questions.


Pyritic heave is problem that to affects newer properties in County Dublin, Kildare, Offaly and Meath, first identified as being caused by the presence of reactive pyrite in quarry waste used as hardcore to backfill under the floors of houses in 2007. Ireland’s new house warranty provider Home Bond first saw the effects of the problem in 2005 and initially repaired affected properties. But in August 2012 Home Bond withdrew cover for homeowners, which led to the launch of a government report into the problem.

The government report estimates that over 12,000 properties are at risk of pyritic heave and only 1,100 had been remediated.

In addition to new NSAI standards, the government also announced that it would establish a Pyrite Resolution Board to operate a remediation scheme through a special purpose vehicle, funded initially by an upfront loan of €50M from six banks and mortgage providers. The loan would be repaid from a mandatory levy to be imposed on the quarrying and insurance sectors.