Plan for Water (England)

DEFRA has published today (4th April) it’s Plan for Water (for England) – here.

A number of points:

* it looks like the 2017 water framework regulations (currently applying in England and Wales) will be re-written –

“The headline figures [of water quality] do not show the complete picture of the state of our water environment.” … [specifically] “The ‘one-out-all-out’ approach requires each individual test – such as on fish or pH – to pass as ‘good’ for the water body to achieve overall good ecological status.”

“We want to make the whole framework more outcome-focussed and fully integrated with other environmental plans and government delivery plans.”

“We consider there to be opportunities to improve the regulatory system through reviewing the implementation of the Water Environment Regulations 2017 now that we have left the EU.”

“We will consult on any proposed changes.”

The 2017 Regulations are on the REUL list for deletion. The Welsh government has notified the UK government it will not implement the REUL bill in Wales.