Natural Capital Protocol

The Natural Capital Protocol is a standardized framework that helps companies identify, measure and value their impacts and dependencies on natural capital. It was launched in July 2016.

The Council of the European Union, gathered on 17 October 2016 in Luxembourg under the Slovak Presidency, officially recognised the Natural Capital Protocol in the Outcome of the Council meeting. In its conclusions, the Council “considers that mainstreaming biodiversity provides new opportunities for all economic sectors, including the private sector (…); and calls on the business sector to increase its involvement in and contribution to achieving both the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the biodiversity-related Sustainable Development Goals, and to analyse and invest in improvements and report on their impacts, actions and investments related to biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides, sharing experiences and best practices, e.g. in the framework of Business and Biodiversity Platforms as well as other initiatives, such as the Natural Capital Protocol”. 

The Natural Capital Protocol is here.

The Aichi Biodiversity Targets are here.

Sustainable Development Bills (Wales)

Three new Bills (prospective Acts) are planned for enactment by the Welsh Assemby Government of Wales (a part of the UK). 

(1) Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Bill

(2) Environment (Wales) Bill

(3) Planning (Wales) Bill

A short description is found here.

More detail about the Well-being Bill is set out here.

More detail about the Environment Bill is set out here.

More detail about the Planning Bill is set out here.

I will comment again when (and if) progress is made on these Bills. If (and when) enacted subscribers to Cardinal Tailored EHS Legislation Registers will have the laws loaded into their systems.