Transport (Scotland) Bill (Scotland)

A new Transport Bill was introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 8 June 2018.

The Bill is divided into 6 parts.

Part 1 of the Bill introduces the concept of low emission zones, which are set up under low emission zone schemes. A low emission zone scheme is a scheme under which individuals driving vehicles which fail to meet specified emission standards will be prohibited from driving those vehicles in contravention of the terms of the scheme within a designated geographical area. Where a person breaches this rule, a penalty charge will be payable unless the vehicle is exempt. Exemptions will be set out in regulations but are likely to include, for example, emergency service vehicles. The scheme itself may also make provision for the local authority operating the scheme to grant exemptions in certain circumstances.

Low emission zones are already in place in London. Further low emission zones may be introduced in England as a result of the Air Quality Strategy consultation. I have posted before on this (as part of DEFRA initiatives).

There has been talk of the Bill containing provisions that would enable local authorities to charge for workplace car parking. These provisions are not in the Bill.

A workplace car parking levy is in place in Nottingham (the English law permits this). Further information is here.

The Transport (Scotland) Bill is found here.

Patrick McLoughlin continues as UK Transport Secretary

Welcoming the continuation of Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin as UK Secretary of State for Transport. 

The Secretary of State has overall responsibility for the policies of the UK Department of Transport, including:

transport strategy, including economic growth and climate change

* spending review

* transport security

* high speed rail, including HS2.

NB: many transport responsibilities are devolved to the separate administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The House of Commons Research Briefing dated 9th February 2015 sets out the current position vis a vis Scotland and is here.