Clean Water Act (Industrial Pretreatment Program) Order (US)

Under the US federal Clean Water Act, wastewater treatment plants of a certain size that receive wastewater from industrial facilities are required to develop pretreatment programs that reduce pollutants from industrial wastewater at their source. The city of Middleton, New York meets these criteria, but has failed to establish a pretreatment program for the Middletown Sewage Treatment Plant.

Earlier this year, the USEPA requested that Middletown provide the agency with the details of its pretreatment program. The city’s response showed that no pretreatment program meeting the federal requirements was in place.

Under the order announced 23rd Oct Middletown must begin submitting details of a proposed pretreatment program to the EPA by December 1, 2013, and meet further deadlines set forth in the order including the submission of a final plan by June 16, 2014. Failure to meet the requirements of the EPA order could result in penalties.