Hydropower Producer Reporting (Norway)

On 13th July 2022 the oil and energy minister Terje Aasland tasked the Norwegian Directorate of Water Resources and Energy (NVE) to establish a reporting scheme for the large hydropower producers in Southern Norway. The press release is here.

This press release states (translated) – NVE will soon send a letter to Statnett and the power producers to establish the temporary reporting scheme for storage power in the price areas in southern Norway. The reporting will give Statnett, NVE and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy a basis for assessing whether further measures are necessary to ensure security of supply in the winter and spring period 2022-23. The reporting scheme will initially last until the summer of 2023.

It is important that the power companies in southern Norway now withhold water that can be stored for the winter. I would like to emphasize that, as of today, there is a low probability of rationing in the spring. It is nevertheless important that we take the situation seriously. I do not want to rule out that it may be appropriate to introduce further measures, in which case it is important that the choices we make are well thought out. This reporting scheme will contribute to that, says Aasland.

On 8 August, Terje Aasland, told the Norwegian parliament that refilling dams will be prioritised over power production when levels fall below the seasonal average.

On 15 August, Terje Aasland gave an update – here. In this he states that the NVE has been asked to assess the scope for setting water storage restrictions in reservoirs serving hydropower plants, and Statnett has been asked to provide weekly assessments. He also states that a separate management mechanism will be established to ensure that more water is saved in the reservoirs at low water levels and that the export of power is limited in such cases.

Relevant laws will be added to Norway systems.

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