Better Regulation: Red Tape Challenge (UK) – Defra

The UK government’s Red Tape Challenge is reviewing more than 21,000 regulations and rules to see which ones can be scrapped or improved.

Defra (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) leads on the environment and water and marine themes and is contributing to other themes such as those on retail and hospitality, food and drink. Defra summarises it’s work in this area as it’s Smarter Environmental Regulation Review.

Defra’s list of Regulatory Measures planned for SNR7 (Statement of New Regulation 7 covering January to June 2014) dealing with One-in, Two-out, Red Tape Challenge, and EU measures, is found here.

Smarter Guidance and Data is an outcome of the Red Tape Challenge.

See here – for how to become engaged with Defra’s Smarter Guidance and Data Project.

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