EU Fuel VAT reclaim (UK Brexit)

Exit day is 31st October

This Blog does not cover Customs and Excise. The information below comes from the Road Haulage Association (RHA) – here.

UK based International Operators will still be able to claim refunds of VAT on fuel bought in EU member states.

Follow the processes for non-EU countries to do the claim.

EU information is here.

Check with individual EU countries.

Some EU countries may require the appointment of an in-country tax representative to obtain the refunds.

DFDS Ferry Customer Checklists (UK Brexit)

Exit day is 12th April (this Friday)

The DFDS Brexit Checklists are here.

What is DFDS? – DFDS is a ferry operator.

This Blog does not do company endorsements. The DFDS Brexit Checklists are useful.

[the Exit day may change, please keep following this Blog]